Plasma Divots and bumps...

I am still learning my system but have a query regarding bumps at the start of an internal cut.

I have tried different lead-ins and the best seems to a perpendicular one but i get a sharp divot at the end of the cut.

I have been asked to check two points -

1 - If I can get the speed to be slow on the lead-in then accelerate when actually in the cut?

2 - If it is possible to add an overlap at the end of the cut to burn the bump off?

These may or may not already be there and I am not sure if this is a SheetCam thing or a Mach3 issue??

Any help appreciated.

I think one of the features I am searching for is called “Overburn” or “Overcut”, basically a lead-out that follows the cut contour by a specified amount.

This is available in the development version of SheetCam. It will also be in the new version 6 stable which is due out in a week or so.

Excellent, I will eagerly await for it :slight_smile: