plasma cut with g-code

Hi.I am working with CNC professional and recently i have designed some plans in autocad and i have used your program: SheetCam TNG ver.4.0.19 which i have downloaded from the internet without license file.I have done import DXF files and turned them into g-code . When i loaded on my machine (lynx kioke d10 plasma)it created the project properly but the plasma has not been activated to cut.I would like to ask if it didn’t cut because I dont have the license file or if i have chosen wrong post processor? I would like to be sure before purchasing the program that the machine will operate with lynx kioke d10 plasma.Thanks.

Sorry for the delay in replying to this. The problem is probably due to the wrong post processor. The eveluation verison only limits the maximum amount of code that SheetCam will generate.