Part view disappears when I touch the scroll wheel

Hi, I’m a new user of sheetcam and I’m having an issue where my part views disappear when i try to use the scroll wheel. Clicking the zoom to fit material button ( the magnifying glass with an M in it) makes the part visible again. but I’m not able to do anything. I tried a co-worker’s mouse and it works just fine. Any idea what’s going on?

Does that mouse have a special driver? If you use the scroll wheel in other applications does it seem very sensitive?

It’s nothing special, just a microsoft mouse, though it does have that intellipoint software (which hasn’t yet been installed). It doesn’t click like regular scroll wheels, but it behaves normally in other software.

i have exactly the same problem, it was fine until i tried to use it again yesterday, windows updates perhaps? Win7 ulti 64 bit with microsoft intellimouse2

I just bought an Intellimouse and tried it. Of course it worked fine for me! Try the latest development version. Turn on Help->debug log. When you move the mouse wheel you should see some messages appear in the log. Most mice will give values of Rotation = 120, Delta = 120. I am guessing that the Microsoft mice will give different values. Please let me know what they are.