origin of svg file and position in sheetcam


I created a svg file with inkscape. The origin is in the lower left corner (like I want it). If I import this drawing into Sheetcam with the “Drawing Position” at “Drawing Origin” I would expect the part to be right on the lower left corner of the machine table, but it is positioned below. Like if the origin of the drawing is on the upper left corner.

I am wondering now if this is a issue of the drawing (inkscape) or of sheetcam…

Thanks in advance for help!

The ‘drawing origin’ option uses 0,0 in the svg file as the origin. Exactly where 0,0 is in teh drawign depends on your cad package. Some use the center of the page, some use the bottom left and others just use some seeming random point.

If your drawing is above and to the right of the origin point simply draw a small line at the origin using a layer that you don’t use for anything else. You can now use the bottom left option when you import your drawing.