Optimize cut path

I had this in the new features section, perhaps it belongs here. So, to repeat my question.

I have a job that is to cut a large number of pockets in one operation. Currently, the order is somewhat random, with the machine spending a lot of time moving around when it does the rapid moves. When I do the contour operations, I can choose optimize and that seems to do the cutting in a straightforward manner. The spiral pocket has no such option.

I have attached a print of the rapid moves if that helps.

Hmm, I see what you mean. I’ll look into adding the option to set the cut order. You can manually set the cut order in start point mode. Switch to start point mode (Mode->edit start points) then right-click and select ‘quick cut sequence’. Now click on the pockets in the order you want them to be cut.

It is actually quite surprising how little effect optimising the cut path has on the overall job time. I did some tests a while back and was amazed by how little effect optimizing the cut path actually had.

Looking at the cut path I can see what you mean. It’s isn’t all that bad, when it was cutting it for the first time it leaves little one-off’s here and there and you wonder if that hole got skipped or what’s going on.

If anyones interested, I use Microsoft visio to do all my drawing and making sure different parts are in different layers. Then I export them into dxf and import into sheetcam that that seems to work just great for me.