Odd arc issue

This is an odd problem. See the photos. This particular issue is happening on 1/2" circles. I have a .5" diameter circle with a .2" radius lead in/out. SheetCAM appears to be creating the circle correctly, but when I look at the tool path in Mach, it looks like the torch fires then makes a few rapid moves. Mach doesn’t seem to be seeing this circle as a feed rate move.

I did change the post in that my torch referencing code now resides inside a macro so on a pen down move I call that macro instead of inserting actual code. If you look at the third image, this is the block of code that is supposed to create the circle and I think I know what the problem is, but I don’t know how to fix it in the post.

Line 123: Torch shuts off
Line 124: Z rapids to safe Z
Line 125: Rapid to next start location
Line 126: Comment
Line 127: Call M1101 Macro which generates code that looks like this…

G31 Z-1
G92 Z & offset
G00 Z & pierceHeight

Line 128: Torch On
Line 129: Delay
Line 130: Feed rate move.

Line 130 should contain a G01 to indicate a feed rate move. I suspect this has to do with the fact that my reference code is inside the macro and Sheetcam doesn’t know what’s happening in the macro.

Is there a way I can have SheetCAM recognize line 130 as a feed rate move and still use modal text/numbers. I can use non-modal text/numbers but that adds the G01 to every line of code.


Can you load the job, run the post processor then go to Help->create a support file. If you send me the support file I should be able to work out what is going on.

here you go Les. Thanks.

I got around it by replacing modal text with plain text, but that adds the G01 to every line.

In your post, after

      post.Text (" M1101 \n")



That should sort it.

Thanks Les. That fixed it.