No Overcut When "Could not fit leadin"

Hi Les,

V.6.1.25 Dev. (and earlier) Windows and Linux/Wine.

I have a cutting rule to turn off the torch early which includes the programmed overcut. When Sheetcam can’t fit a programmed leadin (small detailed area), I get no overcut and that causes the torch to turn off too early. Programming a leadout, for a test, does not allow the overburn.

Is this something that could be addressed?: To still have an overburn even if the leadin cannot be programmed.

Thank you…



Bump - again… Anyone notice this issue?

Sorry, I missed this post. I can replicate the fault here so I will try to fix it for the next release.

Thank you Les!!


Fixed in 6.1.30 which is uploading now.

6.1.30 I cannot get overcut to work in the negative direction I use this on every job.
Thanks Steve

Oops, you are right. After doing a bit more testing that appears to be two bugs.

  1. If you have no leadin or leadout it ignores the undercut (applies to this release and earlier ones as well)
  2. If you have no leadout it ignores the undercut (new for 6.1.30)

I’ll try to get a fix out ASAP.

OK, 3.1.31 fixes this.

Thanks for the quick fix. Attached is a pic of the file I was working on yesterday. Steve


I haven’t found the time to give specifics, but the versions after 6.1.29 do not help the original problem of this post. In fact 6.1.32 adds interesting addition cut paths to the operation where the lead-in could not fit. The path rule to stop torch early does not stop at the programmed position. Everything works fine when the lead-in does fit, so that’s good.


Could you send me that job file.