new to cnc

hi all i am a complete novice to cnc routers and do not know how to set up
i have mach 3
and a chinese 3040t router
i have purchased licences for software
my problem i think is to do with post processor as i cannot create a full gcode only a partial code
i have tried majority of post processors in sheetcam with no luck
i would apreciate some help in pointing me in the right direction
thanks in advance
picture is of gcode i create sing sheetcam

It looks like the post-processor you picked in the screen shot is a plasma processor. You’ll need to find a router processor. I’m afraid I can’t help you there, as I have never used Sheetcam for processing my router files. Something I’ll have to figure out myself when I get some spare time.



Looking thru the post-processors in Sheetcam I see a Mach3 or perhaps Mach3 2d that might work.


cheers for that but ive tried them with no success

It looks to me like you haven’t set up any cut operations. You need to tell SheetCam what tools to use and how to cut your drawing. There are some tutorials in Help->about that will hopefully help you understand how it works.

ive now set what tools and now works thanks for help