New feature for Sheetcam

Hi Les,

I’ve just come across a situation where it would be great to have a tick box “Change Cut Side” that could be applied to open lines.

I know by default Sheetcam cuts on the right side of an open line, and to get the cutter on the other side of the line you simply move the start point to the other end of the line.

Most Hypertherm cutters however, get their best cut when they are on the left side of the line. I’m doing long narrow U-shaped slots with an edge start, so they are an open line, but I cannot get the kerf both on the inside of this U-slot AND travelling in the right direction. The line is on the left of the torch which is the side that gets the worst cut (most bevel) with Hypertherm cutters.

Would such an addition to the software be possible. In this situation it makes the difference between a high bevel cut and a much better one.

By the way, I’ve had your software several years now but it still puts a smile on my face, and it just keeps getting better, thanks again.



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