Need a pause...

Is there a way I can do something in sheetcam that will cause Mach3 Plasma to stop and wait for user input - pressing the cycle start button again?

Would be useful to insert pauses into my cutting G-code if needed.

Mach is set to stop on tool change and wait for cycle start, but I don’t know how to issue a tool change from sheetcam.

First create a g-code snippet. Click on the G button in the tools window. For the code enter:
Give it a name such as ‘wait’
To insert teh wait between operations use the G button in the operations window and select your ‘wait’ code snippet.
You can also use that snippet on individual start points if you need to.

Brilliant, will try that.


Am I right that if I want to insert a pause between two cuts, both cuts need to be on different layers?

Switch to start point mode and select the cut start point where you want the pause. Right-click and select ‘properties’. You will see an option to add a code snippet to that start point.

Even better, many thanks Les.