Need a engraving post for 3axis openbuild 1515 engraver

i use sheetcam for years on my ldr and langmiur tables , just purcashed a new 1 year old 1515 3 axis ( guy could not figure it out ) , got running sample quick , but openbuilds cam is slow waiting for gcode , i love sheetcam quick and easy , thanks for any info

Is this what you just acquired ? and for milling process, correct ?

I don’t know openbuilds Blackbox x32 controller. Have you written them to inquire which Sheetcam post processor you should use ?

update: I believe I just found a post from you (this past Sunday) in the openbuilds forum. I didn’t notice it had a reply yet. But did notice you plan to use the unit for combination plasma and milling process. Nice. I do that with my MillRight Mega V Xl. Lots of fun with it.

Consider trying “GRBL plasma.scpost” and “GRBL mill-router no toolchange.scspost” in the absence of openbuilds providing an answer. I use variants of both of those, but then I have a grbl v1.1i controller. The gcode is rather generic and simple, none of the special use gcodes.

thank you sir , will try , welding table now , plan on removeable top for wood engraving , i tried my langmuir crossfire plasma post for g-code , it ran fine , just have to hook up plasma