Moving PC

Hi all,

Is there a painless way to transfer my existing SC setup with dual profiles and custom part/job folders etc from my old XP pc to a new Win10 pc??

I have installed SC but cant figure out moving the setups etc

Any ideas??

Select File in the upper left and you can save your toolset and save your job as a template, then you can reload them on your new pc and resave your toolset as the default one.

Yes but i have multiple profiles for machines - i use desktop links to start the app with the -c option but I’m getting errors and it won’t start.

Win10 is not laid out as clear as XP so i cant just copy/paste the folders and stuff it seems.

I also cant find where the machine profiles are hidden on the XP box.

Open Sheetcam in Win 10 (without using the -c option) and select Help, Open settings folder. That will get you to the directory location that holds the generic Sheetcam files. This is where you would copy your machine profile directories.

That being said, you should be able to open Sheetcam with the -c option and Sheetcam should create the new profile using the generic setup files as a template.

I suspect you shortcuts need the new Win10 directory info updated to work.


Thanks, i’ve just about got it all going now, win10 is a nightmare :slight_smile:

It was part the shortcuts needed editing and part the file locations, your method pointed the way :slight_smile: