movement after Park position

Hi All

Couldn’t find anything on this so hoping someone may be able to assist, I am trying to set a park position specifically for my Z axis, I tried checking the park position option under job options parking tab and entering a value, this seemed to be ignored, so i de-selected that and entered “G53 Z110” into the custom parking code, this added the desired affect, but for some reason i now also get an additional line of code after the park, that returns the machine to my first x, y and clearance z point, see snipped from the gcode below

N0670 G02 X-2.720 Y-1.920 I-1.920 J0.000
N0680 S20 (DTHCON)
N0690 M05
N0700 S10 (DTHC is off)
N0710 G00 Z30.000 ← final Z after last cut
N0720 G53 Z110 ← here it puts in my custom park code… happiness
N0730 G00 X-2.720 Y-1.920 Z30.000 ← this is the offending line that now for some reason gets generated…
N0740 X0.000 Y0.000
N0750 S900
N0760 S10 (DTHC is off)
N0770 S701 (Clear S Register)
N0780 M05 M30

I am suspecting my post processor, its the CandCNC post ( CandCNCPlasma-rev11J). The x and y positions are essentially the very first called positions for my first lead in.

Also this is in TNG development

After further investigation I found the post has a Onfinish function that is setting the final positions, I commented these out and problem was resolved

snippet of post here:
function OnFinish()
finalCut = true
endZ = safeZ
–endX = 0 ← commented this out by adding –
–endY = 0 ← commented this out by adding –
offX = 0
offY = 0
offZ = 0

Yes, I generally don’t recommend putting parking code in posts because it messes with ‘parking position’. I think some later CandCNC posts are a bit more intelligent about this.