move sheetcam license to new system computer

I changed over from a windows computer to linux computer. the linux computer came with sheetcam on it. I need to transfer my sheetcam license from the windows computer to the linux computer. I dont know how to do that. help please.

Thanks Gary

On your windows computer go to Help->open settings folder. Copy everything in there to a thumb drive. Delete the license file from the Windows machine. On the Linux computer go to Help->open settings folder. Close SheetCam then paste the files from the thumb drive to the settings folder.

If the setting folder doesn’t open run a file mamager and go to:

On the Linux version, Help → Open Settings Folder doesn’t exist.
Clicking on ~/.SheetCamTNG-dev does nothing.

I did get my license and tool sets loaded from Windows to Linux, but there sure are lots of preferences I’m not sure how to move over.

You should see the settings files in ~/.SheetCamTNG-dev