Mouvement stop on lead in and lead out transition.

Hi every one, thank you in advance for trying to help me out.
I’m using sheetcam 7.0.9 on a custom plasma cutter. Mach3 is running the show . The post processor is Mach3 plasma THC with scriber.

For a couple of years, everything was working great. 6 months ago, the hard drive die . Because of that, I had to reinstall everything, including Sheetcam. Mach3 and everything else seem to be working as before.

At the beginning of a cut, It go at pierce height, pierce, then do an arc lead in , mouvement stop for approximatively 0,5 sec. and then proceed to cut the job until the point just before the lead out where it will stop again for approximatively 0,5 sec and then do the arc lead out and stop for good.

Stopping at the end of the lead in and before the lead out mess up the cut a bit.

Is the something a missed when I reinstall sheetcam ??

Just to clarify, if I choose no lead-in and no lead-out, the cut is clean and without hesitations. As soon as I choose a lead-in or a lead-out , the mouvement stop an the transition of the lead-in (or lead-out) and the rest of the cut. That mess up the cut.

Thanks, Daniel

can you post the problematic gcode