Moreposts plugin problem

I am trying to use the moreposts plugin but it will not execute any post except the first one. There is a message that flashes so fast that I cannot see what the problem is.

I did edit the macro to include the posts that I want but as I cannot see the error …

Any ideas?

Do you see anything in the log (Help->debug log)?

Hi Les
No entries at all. At least from the post process.

Just checking - you do have valid posts selected in Options->plugin options->moreposts don’t you?
What version of SheetCam are you using and what operating system?

The post I selected is a working post that I used on a customers machine. It works as the primary post. I tried several other posts.

I am on Windows 10 and the version is 6.0.26 (production)

I suspect you have an old version of the plugin. I have attached the latest version. Don’t edit the macro file to add posts. Instead go to Options->plugin options->moreposts and select the posts in there. (3.05 KB)

Thanks Les. Are the plugins not updated with a new release? If not, how do I make sure my plugin stuff is up to date? I have several and some at customers.

6.0.26 doesn’t come with the plugin so you must have installed it manually at some point. The dev version does come with the plugin.

Ah ok that makes sense. Thanks.