More arc issues

I cut this yesterday at 200IPM and the larger radius arcs cut smooth but the smaller radius curves that are made up of lots of small arcs and line segments had jerky motion. At this point I’m almost sure this is not an SC issue but rather an issue with Mach or a physical limitation with the machine/software.

Has anyone done high speed plasma cutting in Mach? If so, could you share your secret? My best cut on 16ga steel is at 60A @ 330IMP, but the machine just jerks it’s way through the small curves at this speed. If I slow it down things get better. If I slow it down AND reduce accel things get even better still.

I hate to de-tune it because of a software limitation. Mechanically it is capable of much higher speeds and accel.


Somewhere in Mach there is a lookahead setting. I believe increasing that helps. I can’t remember where it is off-hand and I don’t have Mach on this machine.

Thanks Les. Increasing look ahead did help a little. Still getting some jerking in tight corners though. Can’t figure out what happened. I don’t recall seeing this a month ago. Seems like it has something to do with CV settings, but those settings look OK.