Modifying the Job Report Summary

In the job report summary, can the total number of pierces be added please??

All other info is perfect but really ned the pierce count.


Or/And how about an export feature - CSV file etc of report summary data (inc pierce count)

I’m working on a quote application and without the pierce count in the summary, I can only read the first part in a job - this does have the pierce count.


Hmm, looks like i can modify the job report summary and add the @Pierces@ variable.

This seems to work and I could let users of my program have a copy of that report layout (is that allowed?)

Got it working nicely, my program creates the custom layout file for sheet cam if needed :slight_smile:

Pretty slick :wink:

That sounds good. There is no problem with distributing modified job report templates.

HIYA Dave . I did a Plugin for Scam that does Job Cost price quotes. It has a table for the material pricing and a table for the job pricing elements such as machine time, pierce cost,prep cost,paint cost,etc…

You load the drawing do the operations then call the plugin and run it. It uses a special POST to gather all the needed inputs from Scam and do all the job costing calculations.

It saves the cost file under the Job Name and gives you the option to print it out

I was wondering how you went about it.

(:wink: TP

Nice work,

my one is a standalone app that has the material, markups, labour, welding, piercing, cut cost, finishing etc as options or free entry boxes.

The Scam part was an afterthought but works really well, simply choose the custom report layout, save the report then import it into the pricing app, choose a material and push the button.