Missing feed rates in drilling operations?

I was programming a part today, been a while since I ran the machine and probably a couple of new updates in SC. Went to program to drill a hole thru the part and the box that opens has the Start depth, cut depth, peck depth, peck retract, then jumps to plunge rate (no cutting feed rate), then spindle speed and min/max hole size. I went back and looked at prior jobs and the feed rate was listed before… I thought… maybe I’m nuts, because I just went and double checked again and it’s not there…

I don’t remember drillling ever having a feed rate. Drilling always uses the plunge rate. Feed rate is the rate when cutting sideways which of course you don’t do while drilling. Are you sure those other jobs are using drilling?

Hi Les,

I’m sure you are right, I guess it was because I’ve had the past month tied up with some cabinet (wood) work and everything felt kind of strange when I jumped back into the metal working.

I guess feed vs. plunge is semantics, but I would consider plunge to be the rate of air cutting movements (positioning in Z depth to perform the next cut) and “feed” rate to be anytime the cutter is actually cutting.