Mirror images and offset issue. NEED HELP!

I use sheet for CNC milling. I cut intricate parts often. If I have to cut out frames or scales I have to use mirror imaging to make sure parts match. Since the update sheet cam will not select or cut an outside offset on anything that I have mirrored in cad. I’ve tried the ‘reverse open paths’ and ‘offset open paths’ and tried every combination of rebuilding the part in cad to import a new drawing. Nothing works, I spent hours today trying to trick the programming with offsets and the finish allowance option but can only cut/generate ‘no offset’ or a ‘inside offset’ it will not allow me to set finish allowance over half the tool size either unless it’s further to the inside. Any one have a way around this?

With open paths SheetCam has no way of knowing which side is inside and which is outside. Because of this it always offsets to the right. Imagine you are stood on the end of the line looking down it. The offset will always be to the right. To reverse the side move the start point to the other end of the line. Switch to start point mode (Mode->Edit start points). Now click on the other end of the line to move the start point.