Minimum hole size for rules to be executed?

I’ve noticed that when I’m (plasma) cutting smaller holes (smaller than 1/4", though I haven’t found the exact cutoff size) that my hole rules will be ignored. I first noticed this when I had some irregular cuts on some control panels being cut. Checking sheetcam, I noticed that my holes were still “green” in color (full speed), vs “blue”, which would signify a slower feedrate.

I made some additional cuts, and noticed on the Mach display that the feedrate was indeed at the full rate for the tool, and not the lower 60% rate dictated by the hole size. Here is a photo of my existing “holes” rules:

I’m curious about the cause of this. I’ve taken to putting all my smaller holes on a separate layer, and manually reducing the feedrate for that layer, as well as manually disabling the THC for that layer. It’d be nice to know what I’m doing that’s disabling the cut rule execution on the smaller holes.


Could you send em a copy of the job file so I can test the rules here and see what is going on.

What’s the EOCAnti dive?
Only real difference is I have that set to none in mine, seems to work great on mine.

EOCAnti dive is a CandCNC specific function. I am afraid you have to ask Tom what it does.

End Of Cut. Prevents the torch from diving when you turn off before the end.
You should not have it on for holes as you have the DTHC already disabled.