Mill and direction of cut

I’ve been using SC fro many years but with a Plasma torch only. When you select the layer in the DXF file there is an option to reverse cut direction. Now I’m delving into milling and I cannot find this option for the milling cutters. Is there something I’m missing ? There is an option for Reverse Open Paths, but that does not change a closed path.

On the contour page under Cut Path, there is a Cut direction which goes from V to H. No idea what this does.

Does the finish allowance require a further cut path to be created or is it automatic once the rough cut is done?

Thanks Wallace.

For the cut direction use Cut Path->Climb cut.

Finish allowance only changes the path offset. You will need to set up a second operation if you want to take a finishing pass. I didn’t try to integrate everything into one operation because you may want to use different cut settings or a different tool for the finish pass. You can also use a negative finish allowance to make your parts come out smaller than drawn.

Thanks Les

I kept looking for reverse cut as in the laser option.

I’ve just bought a Yang CNC mill with a Fanuc controller. I see lots of sleepless nights ahead of me getting it going.

Cheers Wallace.