Mach3 Rotary Plasma Timing


I am new to using sheet cam - so far I am using the rotary plugin since I want to produce pipe parts. I’ve created a tool path within sheet cam, and the simulation tells me it will take about 20 seconds to complete the tool path.

When I run the g-code in mach 3 the program takes significantly longer to cut. When I simulate the cut in the toolpath section of mach 3, I get a time of 6 minutes for the piece to cut.

I must be overlooking some details either in the post processor, or in mach 3? I’ve used the plasma rotary mach 3 sheetcam post. The rotary axis is defined as linear. I’m not sure how else to proceed, please advise??



My thoughts on this:

Sheetcam has no idea what the motor tuning (speeds) are in Mach3, so I can’t see how Sheetcam could possibly estimate the actual cutting times for the job with any accuracy.

That said, it also seems to be an excessive time estimate (6 min.) in Mach3 to cut a hole in a piece of pipe. (unless it’s a really big hole in a really big, thick, pipe)


The pipe is just a 2" diameter with a 1/8" wall thickness. I initially thought I should play around with the software before I run any g-code through the chassis.

I connected the computer to my chassis over the weekend to give the g-code a try, and after calibrating the steppers I did find a better time between running mach 3. I will have to go through a couple of adjustments to get it right…Thanks for your reply!