Mach3 plugin problem

After updating few weeks ago the mach3 plugin is not working like it was, not sure which version it was, but I think it was the same version when all the icons changed…

now I can only see the jog buttons etc. (the small mach 3 panel in sheetcam) but I can not see the crosshair in sheetcam where the torch is located… now I am on v 7.0.16

also when pressing the run post processor button it never imports the file to mach 3 automatically and never has, but at least it automatically closes the file in mach3 so dont have to do that manually, which is better than nothing. would be nice to get this all working like it should though.

I found the crosshair problem. It wil be fixed in the next release.
I just tested it here and importing and auto closing the file seemed to work. Do the DROs work in the SheetCam Mach panel? Does jogging work?

Yes jog-ing from sheetcam works and the DRO readout works. but Ctrl-P does not autoload to mach3, it only closes the open file in mach3 but does not load/import the new one.