mach 4 plate marker

I using mach 4 plasma i set up en engraver off the side of my torch I use the plate marker tool in sheet cam
the problem I need to turn off the m3 m5 command in the plate marker tool only

I am using the post processor just straight mach 3 I copied the one in sheet cam posted below
im using mach 4 plasma vital system
Mach3 post processor

Non modal G-codes
Modal coordinates
Comments enclosed with ( and )
Incremental IJ
uses G43 tool length offsets

my problem is the plate marker send a M3 M5 command to turn on the spindle in the vital system arch pro the M3 torch on M5 torch off that has to stay because THC is tied to it in mach 4
I have created a tool #2 in mach 4 when selected it turns on an out put to turn on the engraver
Made an on screen override switch so it goes on with T2 m6 G43 H2 then any tool change it turns off and it has an override switch this all works in sheet cam I added the codes to the layer

My problem is the tool for plate marker sends m3 spindle on in my case torch fire if I could get a plate marker with no m3 m5 g codes in it every thing would work fine

I setup a simple square with a circle I plate mark the circle then the second layer tool change tool to torch it cuts the outside except torch on with m3 in plate marker if I can delete m3 id be good

I hope I explained ok I have a vitalsystem hilcon controller using mach 4 with there arch pro plasma screen

Thanks jeff coldon