Mach 3 Rotary post edited for use in a mill

I am trying to mill text on a cylinder using the attached post. My A axis is located to the right side of the machine and any positive rotation is clockwise (toward the operator) and any negative rotation is CCW (away from operator).

I imported a line of text in dxf format and tried engraving it, but the rotation of the 4th axis is opposite (mirrored) of what my machine is set up to do, resulting in the text being milled inverted with backward numbers and letters.

This can be corrected with the mirror axis function on my machine, but for the sake of simplicity I would like to avoid this.

Is there any way in the post to resolve this?

The X and Y axis can be mirrored in SheetCam, but not the A axis. Maybe that could be added at some point for more compatibility with different machine configurations.

Attached is the job file, post processor, and dxf file.

Thanks for any input.