M213 Path Rules

I’ve created code snippets for M205 through M214. I’ve been busy turning them into path rules 1 or 2 at a time. Then I run the post processor and look at the resulting .tap file to see how it changed. This is helping me understand how each M code added as a path rule changes the output.

Interestingly I made and tested a path rules that have me perplexed. I made a M213 rule to turn safe probe on before start. I made an M214 rule to turn safe probe off before end. The resulting .tap file placed those commands perfectly where I expected them. That’s awesome. However, I noticed that M209 - (anti dive on) is also being inserted at points throughout the .tap file too. Further experimenting narrowed it down. It appears when I use M213 (safe probe on) in a path rule, it’s somehow causing M209 to be added into the g-code output too. If I remove the M213 rule, then M209 disappears from the .tap too. If I add M213 as a path rule again, Bingo, M209 reappears in my .tap file. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. I’m striving to ultimately not pile drive my active, moving torch into steel sheet metal anymore so anti-dive is good. Crash/damage avoidance is also my motivation for learning more about and using the safe probe codes. I don’t understand the automatic connection between M213 and M209 in SheetCam. Why is the post processor adding the M209 throughout the .tap file? How do I control when M209 is on if its triggered in conjunction with M213?

Although I learn something new every time I crack it open, I couldn’t find anything in the Plasma SheetCam manual on this.

I humbly seek enlightenment.

All the best,

Scott Meer