linux version for 32 bit will not install

Hey Les,

The New Linux version for 32 bit will not install. I Know you been working on this, but How can I get at least the old version so I can get up and running?

To work around the installer, copy the downloaded file to your documents folder. Now open a terminal window and enter the following commands:

cd ~/Documents
mkdir sheetcam
cd sheetcam
unzip .../SheetCam_setupV6.1.5-32

Now in your file manager navigate to Documents/sheetcam/data. You should find a file in there called run-sheetcam. Running this should start SheetCam.

I think I have fixed the problme. Try re-downloading and installing.

Sorry Les,

It still doesn’t work :frowning:

hope this helps,

The 64 bit installs fine on a 64 bit system. but the 32 bit does not. I get this error:
“Failed! Is your download complete or corrupt?”

I have tried to install it on a fresh ubuntu 12.04 32 bit install, and an older 12.04 32 bit install. still will not work.