License will not move to new computer.

I’m beginning to wonder if there is anything I can’t mess up! Sheetcam has been working great! I tried using a different post processor for an old table I’m trying to upgrade, for some reason when i swittced back to the firecontrol processor I was using it caused a glitch in the file that made the torch raise when it fired for the pierce, this was also happening in the post processor I was experimenting with. That’s half the problem. I decided to switch Sheetcam to a new computer and get a fresh start. When I saved the license to a thumb drve and installed it says it installed ok but the post processor will not run. Debug says it’s not licensed. I also am not able to reinstall it on the old computer. I have some files to cut for a fair this weekend and I’m dead in the water. :unamused:

I emailed you a copy of your license. Hopefully that should solve your problem.

Thanks a million my friend! I’m back up and running. What do you think the issue is with the raising torch after the pierce firing? It would work fine on the old files I had made previously so I’m sure its a setting I must have changed.

Sounds like your cut height is set wrong, or if you have a thc your voltage setting is incorrect.