Licence Issue?

I currently have an problem with my sheetcam software and wondering if anyone can help?

After post processing a document and creating a .tap file, I try to open the .tap file into the plasma software and nothing is appearing, no picture of the job or no code either.

This has never occurred for around a year and has just suddenly started to happen, I’ve read a few post on the forums and seen it is possibly a licence issue? Can anyone help out?

If you send me your license ID in a PM I’ll check it for you. You can find the ID in Help->about.

Okay thanks, I’ve PM’ed you the licence ID

I’m afraid that license has been pirated and will no longer work.
For anyone else if you are having a similar problem and your license isn’t in your name or a name you recognize it is quite likely pirated. Unfortunately there are a number of sellers who have been selling copied licenses.

So do we need to re-purchase a license from sheetcam and this will fix the the above error?

Yes, I am afraid you need a new license. As this isn’t your fault I’ll send you a discount code off-list.

Thanks for that and thanks for your assistance

For reference, ESCCO sold us this license

Contact them before purchasing a license. They should replace it free of charge.