Leadin behaviour

In attached file I have set leadins to start in center of holes and depending of if the leadin and leadout length. the appearance is inconsistence. Sometimes both leadin and out disappears and sometimes it doesn’t start from center. I don’t get the pattern.

More images

Job file
square.job (15.1 KB)


Your overcut had a negative value and so the cut would stop short instead of actually overcutting.

I put the holes on a different layer and gave them a perpendicular leadin, with no leadout.

The small triangle I gave it a custom leadin (not the operation leading), because the operation leadin/out was too large to fit. That’s when you get the message “Could not fit leadin on some paths”
Select start points icon, right click on triangle leadin, click on properties on the drop down menu, then deselect tick box “Use operation leadin”. You can then customise that one start point.

Hope that helps.