Leadin and Overcut Issues


I have run into a few more issues related to this post: https://sheetcam.discoursehosting.net/t/6-1-59-problems/6437/1

When the overcut is set to some positive value and the leadin is tangent, the leadin comes in at some angle. Even though i understand it is technically correct behavior, its not what we are looking for again. You fixed it for all cases where the overcut is 0, but it still exists for non-zero overcuts.

Also, if the operation overcut is set to 0 and a start point is overridden, trying to type in a negative overcut results in the overcut still being 0. The purpose of doing this is to put a small tab at the end of the cut to prevent the part from falling sideways and the machine crashing.

And a potentially wonderful thought i just had, the operations dialog has the option to place tabs along the cut path to hold the part in place… would it be possible to add a leadin to each of these restart locations of the tabs? We tried using the tabs function as is, and the additional in-line pierces reduced the part edge quality too much for the majority of our customers. I do not see where a leadout would be beneficial, just a leadin.


Could you send me a job file demonstrating the tangent issue.
I should be able to fix the overcut override.

See Attached

Also wondering if you’ve had a chance to look into this one yet Les

Sorry. I haven’t. I just had a look at the files you attached and the job file doesn’t seem to relate to the problem you are reporting.

You’re right, i’m not entirely sure what I sent you. Try this one.

This will be changed in the next release.