Knife and segments end

Hi all,

we are CNC controls makers and we are using sheetcam to produce a knife path for a ultrasonic cnc cutter.

Strangely when we import a NC (Gcode path) or a DXF path a lot of “segment end” are placed in continous curve
and this create a lot of UP/ROTATE/DOWN knife movements which invalidate any working.

There is a way to say “this line is continous don’t place a UP/ROTATE/DOWN” every little segment ?

g-code can only cut lines and arcs. If your dxf contains curves that do not fit an arc they have to be broken into lines.

What post processor are you using?

I’m using this post: RosettaCNC tangential cut

In sheetcam:

In rosettacnc:

Job file:
2375-2374 ultimo assieme con gomma blu rovesciata.job (99.5 KB)

The main problem is that you are using the drag knife plugin with a tangential knife. The drag knife plugin should only be used with kives that are free to rotate on a bearing. Those odd moves are the realignment moves that are needed for drag knife.

Define your knife as a milling tool and use a ‘no offset’ contour operation.

The issue seem to be solved using a new post-processor for Mach3 tangential V2 found in this forum :slight_smile: