Job report time

When i make a job report on Sheetcam, i see the total run time, but it is way off(on a certain job the actual time was 1.5x calculated). I checked the cutting speed, and that is 100% on spot. So next step i checked if Sheetcam calculated each pierce, and yes it does. Next i was wondering what my rapid speed was, but i cant seem to find it in Sheetcam or in my Mach3 controller.

In Sheetcam job report i said 2000 mm/sec, wich is not really fast, so i actually doubt that the rapid speed is actually slower than 2000… But still i want to check this.

I want the time to be accurate, so i can pre-calculate the price of the job.

Any suggestions?

I suggest uploading an example job file so we can see better what is happening. I have not noticed a significant discrepancy in the report times lately, but I haven’t been monitoring very closely either.

Rapid speed, to my knowledge, is only set in the job report estimating popup window. It is also set in the “Setup” under the simulation section, but i believe that only affects the simulation and not the reports.

There could be a lot of different things throwing off the estimated time. Is sheetcam reporting a higher or lower time than actual? What is your total run time? Is it a jet tool or rotary tool? Sheetcam does not account for machine acceleration/deceleration, but this is rarely an issue. Typically what causes the most error for me is pierce time or tool change time. With a lot or pierces or tool changes, even a small discrepancy here can sum up to a huge error with a few hundred pierces.

I did a few tests today. i timed pierce time, put it in (2secs more to be “safe”) and i checked my rapid speed. It was 10000, so added that aswell. When i have to do a bigger cut, i will make notes of everything.