Job report pierce time


would it be possible to include the “pierce delay” variable in the operation time of the job report? It does not seem to affect it and it seems cumbersome to me to have to look at the tool table to get the pierce delay and manually enter into the popup box before the job report is generated. Perhaps make that a override instead of just requesting the user to put in the value?

The pierce time in the job report needs to include stuff like how long it takes for the torch to reference if you use a touch-off switch and any other delays in piercing, such as how long a plasma takes to strike the arc. Just the pierce delay alone will make the estimate too low.

Oh i see what youre saying now. That makes sense. It seems for our machines those values are specific to each machine and tool used though. It only changes with the tool, not the operator preferences. Would it be possible to consider adding that to the tool table?