Initial Height Sense

I have a plasma CNC table using a Hypertherm Powermax XP 45, Polabs plasmasens THC, sheetcam and Mach3. The table was set up without initial height sensing but I believe the machine has the capabilities to do it. Could anyone guide me through how to set this up? I’m having trouble finding it online and it eats a huge amount of time having to constantly adjust the zero on the Z axis to allow for sheets warping.

I was also hoping to find help on this topic…

If your machine is set up for THC with a touch-off switch you should be able to use the ‘Mach3 THC with scriber’ post processor. After selecting the post click on the ‘Edit post’ button. At the start of teh file are a number of settings you need to configure to suit your machine. You can ignore the scriber settings.