Importing details question

When importing a DXF, can operating parameters be assigned directly from the layer name? Trying to find a way to leverage the CAD environment as much as possible and preserving those values when going into SC.

Trying to have values such as tool compensation and depth of cut to be added to the layer properties based on layer name. I’m almost totally sure this is not built in, but thought it might be a good idea to ask prior to coming up with another way to achieve the same outcome.

There isn’t really anything built in for this but if you only have a small number of standard operation parameters you can work around it using job templates. First create a drawing with all of the layers on it. Now set up a suitable cut operation on each layer. Save the job as a a job template.

Now when you want to set up a new job load the template then import your drawing into it. Operations without layers will give you a warning but you can ignore them.

Just wanted to say thanks for your assistance, very appreciative of the fast reply and great advice.