I'm doing something wrong with vcarve, can anyone help?

Hi everyone
I’ve been using sheet cam for some time now with my plasma table and decided to have a go mounting a router and using vcarve.
I’ve purchased the plugin and created some text that I’m testing with.

I was expecting the tool to go down the centre of the text being carved at a depth that is governed by the width of the channel it is in.
Much to my surprise, this does not seem to be the case. I’ve attached a pic of what is happening, the tool goes off in some unexpected directions at the top and bottom of the font.

Is this correct or am I doing something daft?

I’m running SheetCam TNG 6.0.15 on a windows 7 PC
The image is imported from a SVG file created by inkscape

If you need more info let me know.
Many thanks in advance

That looks like a step size problem. Try reducing the step size to a quarter of the current value. If that doesn’t help, try reducing it further.

Reducing the step size increases accuracy but takes longer to generate tool paths. For fine engraving you may need to drop it down quite low, say around 0.1mm (.005") or even less.

Hi Les.

I tried the smaller step size 0.1mm and…
…as you expected - it works BEAUTIFULLY!!

Thank you

So, what is the “step size”?
What step are we talking about? Just out of interest :wink:

Many many many thanks for your kind support


That is good news.

To calculate the tool paths SheetCam moves around the profile in small steps At each step it finds the distance to the nearest contour. It then halves this to get the centre. As it steps around the perimeter it builds up the centre line path. If the steps are too big you end up with an ugly mess, especially with fine detail. On the other hand if you have very small steps on a large outline it will take a very long time to calculate the tool paths.