How to use a template

I’m sure that this is a common issue and that sheetcam has a way to handle it, but I am not sure how.

Suppose I have a drawing with a number of operations. I discover that I need to move one of the points (holes). Do I save as a template and then modify the drawing and then load the template? I think this might work as long as the drawing is named the same.

What if I wanted to go back to the original drawing, sometimes I name the parts along the lines of “part drawing #01”, “part drawing #02” and so on. Where part drawing #01 is what the customer sent, and #02 is what they really need, and #03 is what I end up cutting.

Right now I make screenshots of all the operations and then manually put them all back in for the new part. This doesn’t seem very efficient.

If you modify the drawing just import it again (File->Import drawing). Your current drawing will be replaced with the imported version and the operations will remain. SheetCam also tries to keep tabs and start point positions but that isn’t always possible if the drawing has a lot of changes.