How to mill a calotte?


i’m looking for a possibility to mill a pocket, not with a flat, but with a spherical bottom. Are there any options, with parameters or so?

I think e have to write an additional program manually with variables to do that in Mach3.

I’m afraid theer isn’t any easy way to do this in SheetCam. You ideally need a 3D CAM package. If you are desperate you could draw a series of concentric circles and work out the depths needed for each circle but it would take a bit of working out.

It’s a little bit hard, but it works.
The needed contour can be routed by sheetcam.
Change the X/Y coordinates of the path to X/Z with an editor.
Switch to a polar coordinate system.
Rotate the path with some degrees around the zero point.

I try to work with variables, because i have to change the contour.
We will see.