how to edit a gcode part

hi, i made a part file that has 12 or so different dxf files in it that i imported new parts into to make one cut file, how do i edit the part file in sheetcam, say if i wanted to add or subtract parts. For instance I want to delete 4 parts from the file and when i attempt to do this it deletes the entire part (all the parts i nested.
please help

Did you combine all of the drawings into one before loading it into SheetCam? If so right click on the job and select 'break up manually nested drawing. This will break the drawing into individual parts. You can then delete the parts you don’t want.

no, i imported the first file, then opened new parts all in sheet cam. he file is a .tap
I need to delete 4 total parts which is two parts with one duplicate of each

In the parts list right-click on the part you don’t want and select delete. That should delete the part and any duplicates of that part.

thats the problem, it only says its one part, not the list like when i created it.??

SheetCam shouldn’t be able to combine the drawings back into one. I don’t understand how that came about. Using the break up manually nested drawing should break it back up again.

its a .tap file
what other option would open it up? i could email it

so i got them deleted, i wasnt clicking in job box.
but now non of the parts have operations for the cutting, i only had 2 layers?

i went to parts box in upper lh side of screen, un checked the two parts and duplicates i did not need and tried to post it . says it has no active operations??

You need to set up cut operations for each part.

so i had this part that i had cut before, but the engine mounts had to be a different thickness material, all cutting tools and layers were set up. I just wanted to remove the couple parts. I have to go and redo all cutting preferences once i opened the part back up?

No, you shouldn’t have to re-do the operations. If your job was set up and cutting correctly, deleting a few parts will not affect the other parts.