How to adjust the Scale when exporting

I have a new problem after updating Sheetcam. When I export my file to Myplasm CNC from sheetcam the Scale is very small too small to even cut with Plasma and I have tried several files with the same results. I tried an older file that was using a previous version of sheetcam and that loads to the correct scale. Thats why I think it is from the update. I only use sheetcam 6 or 8 times a year in my hobby shop. I have looked for some setting that I am missing but can’t find anything. I hope this makes sense.

Just check you are using either inches or metric. If you set up a job in inches and then export with the settings to mm it will be very small. Not sure if this is the issue, but just check to make sure.

First check your drawing is importing correctly. Load a drawing and use the measure tool. Right-click on the graphics window then select ‘measure’. Now click on a known point on your drawing and use teh mouse to check the dimensions. If your drawing is too small you can fix it in the options box that appears when you import a drawing. Set the scale to inch.

If your drawing is correct go to Options->machine->post processor and set the units there to mm.

Thank you I switched it to MM and it worked perfect