How do you enable THC in post LinuxCNC THC ?

Good morning all. I would like to enable THC permanently. Now I have set up like this - thcOnCode = " M08", thcOffCode = " M09". THC does not work all the time, with M09 it turns off.

CAM - SheetCam TNG 6.1.53
CNC controller - LinuxCNC
postprocessor - LinuxCNC THC

If you never want to turn off the THC set thcOffCode = nil

OK, how to define thcOnCode ? Also nil command/delete this from the post processor ?

thcOnCode = ???
thcOffCode = nil

I’d say if it turned on and off before and you don’t want it to turn off then change the off code to nil and leave the on code alone since it was working.

When cutting with plasma cnc.

M09 - all corners, smaller holes, arcs with a smaller radius, short lines [was it thc off]
M08 - all the rest [was it thc on]

thcOnCode = " M09"
thcOffCode = nil

I will check on this.