help with setup first time

I have 4x8 camcut table, pro25 Lincoln plasma cutter need help setting up tool ie. feed rate,height cut and pierce , pierce rate and so on. Not sure which post processor to use.
hoping to get gcode from dxf files so for no luck converting any.
Any help

If I remember correctly Camcut uses Mach3 so use teh Mach3 plasma post. If you have THC use the MP1000-THC-scriber post. You will need to edit the post and change a few settings to suit your machine. I would recommend trying the Mach3 plasma post first as it is the simplest to get working.

For feed rate and cut height you need to refer to your plasma machine’s manual. It should give recommended feed rates for different thicknesses of material. These are just guidelines and you may need to experiment a bit to find what suits you the best.

As a starting point set the plunge rate to half the feed rate. Set the pierce time to 0.5 seconds and start from there. If it doesn’t pierce properly increase the pierce time. If you see it pierce and wait a shport time before moving decrease the pierce time. Try to keep it as short as possible.

When happens when you try the dxf files from plasmaspider?

Thanks I’ve set to THC use the MP1000-THC-scriber post,candcnc lcthc.Also set tool with your help. As for what happens sending attachment that show mach3 screen
no0010 post processor mp1000-thc …
no0020- date
no0030- g20 (unit inches)
no0040- F1
no0050- g53 g90 g40
no0060- part leprechaun
no0070- process outside offset …
no0080- go0 x0.0000 y0.0000
no0090- m05 m30
that it not part to cut on screen

In your cut operation do you have the correct layer selected? You should see green tool paths if everything is set up correctly.

The operations don’t except segments ends

I am not sure what you mean here. Could you explain further?

when I click on any of the operation buttons on the top toolbar there is no action, nothing happens to the dxf . only with the segment end button then the dxf changes with dots all around it.

Go to Help->tutorials->operation tutorials->tutorial 3. That should run you through the basics of creating cut paths.