help with inlays

So I have tried this two ways and was close but not as good as I think it can be.

  1. I drew a star in inkscape, import to sheetcam. Do one process as a pocket and another (on thinner material) as an outside cut for the inlay. Did not fit.
  2. I used the first drawing for the insert with an outside cut. then took that drawing and duplicated it and manually dragged it out so it was slightly larger. Deleting the original star and using the larger one for the pocket.
    I cut it and it fit but i feel it could be better. Also it was just guesswork as to the size difference.
    Question is this: Is there a better more simplistic way of accomplishing this? Perhaps an inlay feature with sheetcam? I have read numerous posts and it was stated that this feature was going to be added in the future but I can’t seem to find it or figure it out.
    Any help would be great!

First of all make sure all corners are rounded in your drawing to at least the radius of your cutter, preferably a bit more.

To adjust the fit use finish allowance in your pocketing operation. To increase the size of the recess use a negative finish allowance, for instance to make the recess 0.005" bigger all round use a finish allowance of -0.005".

Thank you for the information. My mind must not have been working correctly as I kinda tried that but used “+” in front of the number. I will try this the correct way now. Thanks again.