Hanging up on drawing import

When I try to import this drawing, SC hangs on the dialog that says “Removing Duplicate Vectors”. Shouldn’t be any duplicate vectors so it shouldn’t need to spend a whole lot of time on that. The drawing is huge and has an insane number of nodes. The DXF is 24MB so I can’t attach it. See the JPEG. This is 5 feet wide and being cut from 1/4" plate.

The DXF import2 fine into Rhino. I also tried a few different export schemes with the came result.

Never mind. Patience isn’t my strong suite. It took about 20 minutes, but it imported. I’m assuming is this crazy file I’m working with.

Duplicate detection is slow on very large drawings.

If you are confident there are no duplicates you can turn off duplicate detection by going to Options->application options->drawing import.