Gcode is not generating

Hello, When I open the gcode in Command CNC the file is very small 280bites and I get the following code when it is open. Machine is 32 bit Linux. I haven’t changed anything since using it last week. Thanks for any help to resolve this.

(filename: derek hitch.tap)
(Post processor: CandCNCPlasmaLLCNC-rev24C.scpost)
(Date: 17/04/23)
G20 (Units: Inches)
G90 G40
G64 P0.0.0 Q0.001 (tracking tolerances set to 0.01)
M68 E0 Q10
(Part: derek hitch)
(No Parking values detected. Moving back to zero, zero)
G0 X0.000 Y0.000 Z0.500
M68 E0 Q900
M68 E0 Q10 (DTHC is off)
G4 P.2
M5 M30

This has been resolved, the software on my machines computer had the manufacturers license in it so I purchased my own.