I’m Ricardo and I have a 2 plasma cutting tables, one of them is a KALTENBACH machine, it use a Lantek software to automatically nest and create the gcode.

Also, I have a retrofitted plasma table where I installed a MASSO controller and I work with SHEETCAM to manually nest and create my codes,
When I need nest several parts I use my gcode generated on lantek and I import it on SHEETCAM, then just add the plasma operation and run the postprocessor.
This works fine with some parts, but when the parts nested on LANTEK includes circular operation and I try to import this gcode, SHEETCAM doesn’t recognize circular operation and modify the pieces.

I upload a file with a example about this
Basically I can see SHEETCAM can’t understand the G03 instruction and skip it to next G01 instruction
I hope you can help me.

That format is non-standard. The line should be something like
N118 G03 X206.770 Y499.480 R11.200
Does Lantek have any different post processors?

Hi Les
In your aswer you say “That format is non-standard”, whats is the standard format?

“The line should be something like
N118 G03 X206.770 Y499.480 R11.200”, but this is how is written on the code from Lantek

How sheetcam understand and describe G03?



The Lantek code has R=11.200. That equals sign is not part of the g-code standard.
Presumably your Kaltenbach machine expects the equals sign. G-code is a reasonably well specified standard. Why manufacturers have to make silly changes that are outside the spec is beyond me.

Les thanks
I just edited the code in notepad and removed the “=” symbol for complete
After that, everything is ok, the parts are recognized and I can add the operation

As you said, the lantek post-processor add this symbol because its required for the machine

So, with just edit the code, my problem is solved