G code issue

I don’t know if I changed a setting or what? when I run a new code on my plasma table (mach) the torch touches off, pierces and goes to the .060 cut height. but it stays locked there no matter the volts. If I run an older code it runs fine though.
Is there a setting somewhere?

Have you changed your post processor? If you look at the old g-code it will probably show the name of the post processor used in the first few lines. Is this the same as the new code?

just checked, it is the same MP1000-THC post processor

what is a GO4 PO.4 and GO4 PO.5? this is inconsistant

I see now the GO4 is a dwell

I changed my lead ins and outs from tangent(which I just started using) to arc and it ran fine??

The only other thing I can think of is possibly an issue with cutting rules do you use rules?

No rules