First correct answer wins....

Hello :wave:

After I’ve used Sheetcam what software should I use before exporting to a BURNEY 2.5 ?
As far as I can tell it needs… *.nc

Sorry for the delay in answering but you should not need any extra software. In SheetCam go to Options->machine->post processor and select the burny25 post processor. Next change the ‘Output file extension’ setting to nc instead of tap.

Hello Les when I didn’t see the reply I assumed I wouldn’t get one, thank you very much for your help in this it is great appreciated.

I’m not 100% sure yet but I think your advice worked, the .nc file went across and was editable on the Burney… fingers crossed.

When I send the .NC file it goes to the Burney 2.5 and the word “loading” appears on the display but nothing else happens, there is no increase in numbers or it times out. I wonder is it some parameter of my file ?
I’ve invested a hell of a lot of time in this and would very much appreciate any help you can give me.